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Start A Business With Little Or No Money Part 1

Start a Business With Little or No Money - Part 1

In recent years, the amount of layoffs have nearly doubled. In previous times, as long as your job performance was satisfactory, then you did not have much to worry about. Unfortunately, due to the changing economic times, outsourcing work to foreign countries, and technology replacing human jobs, this is no longer true. A business will fire their employees with little or no remorse if it means that they will save money. They are simply not aware, or simply do not care what kind of a hardship it places on the worker and their family.

The only sure way to never be fired or laid off is to be boss. The only way to be the boss is to start your own business. “But I do not have very much money, if any at all. ” you say. Well in today’s culture there are quite a few businesses that can be started for little or no money at all. This is not a get rich quick scheme, I am not saying that you will be making five grand a month from the very beginning, but I am telling you, that no matter the amount of money that you have, you should still be able to start a business without much fuss.

So what is the catch? Well the only thing that I would even consider a “catch” would be the fact that you will need the skills necessary to complete whatever task is asked of you during business. This basically means do not start up a dog grooming business if you do not know how to groom dogs. The key is finding something that you were interested in previously to starting the business.

What businesses can be started with little or no money? Here are a few examples:

House and Office Cleaning Business

This business requires little or no money to start, the only thing you will need is the skills to clean ( which everyone should have ), and the cleaning supplies to do it with. The first job that you have you can use the cleaning supplies that you already have, and then buy more with the money you receive when finishing. In the event that you do not have the cleaning supplies on hand, then you should not have to spend more then about 20 dollars.

Once you have the supplies necessary, advertising a cleaning business is a simple. The majority of house and office cleaners simply place an ad in the local paper detailing the area in which they would like to work, and the majority offer free bids. Potential clients will call, and you will take a trip to their house. You will analyze it and give them a bid.

Laundry Business

This one is great because you can take a skill that you should already have, and then put it to good use to the people that do not have the skill, time, or the energy to do it. Offering a pick up and delivery laundry service just means that you pick one someone’s clothes, wash and dry them, fold them, and then return the clothes to their house. The only thing you will need is the soap to wash the clothes in ( and some laundry companies even make the client provide their own laundry detergent due to allergies and personal preferences ).

This business especially tailors to bachelor men, so you will want to advertise in places that would attract this type of person attention.

Alteration Service

If you have basic sewing skills, then you may want to consider starting an alteration service. Alteration could mean hemming pants, changing seams, or dying clothes.

The only you may need out of pocket is to buy various colors of thread, needles, and possibly a sewing machine if you are planning on taking on larger jobs.

Since you main focus will be clothing, you will want to advertise at local clothing shops or department stores. You may also want to consider talking with businesses that supply uniforms to employees. The business can then recommend that the employee to you if an alteration in their uniform is needed.

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Peter Dobler is a veteran in the IT business. His passion for experimenting with new internet marketing strategies leads him to explore new niche markets.
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